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Famous Graphic Designers Who Inspire

Famous Graphic Designers Who Inspire

Graphic designers have set a different benchmark when it comes to unique graphics. They have not only added creativity on various platforms, but they also have made a massive difference in the market. All the graphic designers have changed the view of looking at the world by adding their touch to the designing as well as adding original meaning to it. We must talk about famous graphic designers who have not only created a massive difference in the market, but they also have been our favorites.

Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd is a graphic designer who is based in New York City. He has made one of the notable covers of Jurassic Park. It was one of the starting points in his career where he made this iconic movie poster, and it also became the logo of the film. He has also given the TED talk and motivated many people out there.

Carolyn Davidson

When it comes to recognizing logos, we are not fond of remembering them. But, one of the most recognized logos if we talk about, which is Nike’s iconic swoosh which was created by Carolyn Davidson. She was from the Portland state university, and she was paid $35 in 1971 at the time of making the logo. The tech – like logo was one of the symbols of positivity, and it is also known as the outline of a greek goddess. Carolyn Davidson said that it was challenging for conveying such motion. And also, the founder of Nike was impressed with the way she designed it.

Lindon Leader

Lindon Leader has made many cleverest logos by utilising negative space. In 1994, the leader was one of the senior designers at Landor Associates when he designed the FedEx logo. He almost made more than 200 designs for the logo, and only 10 of them were shortlisted at the time of showing them to the branch manager. He has also made logos for How are you and airlines, CIGNA insurance and Banco Basco.

Rob Janoff

Rob Janoff has designed the Apple logo. It is one of the most famous marks in the world today and while he created this ad agency in 1977. As the emblem ads on simplicity and longevity. The logo of Apple was just developed in two weeks. In 2013 Rob told about his idea of creating the Apple logo. He added that for making the logo it was not a difficult task and it was “really a no-brainer”. He also added that if you are designing it for computer, then the image should look like a fruit. It was one of the happy incidents which happened to Rob.

From the names mentioned above, we now already know that a graphic designer plays a huge role in any brand as well as for creating a special place for any brand. Every logo, as well as a graphic designer, has a particular story. Some are unique and create a special appreciation for the hard work created these famous designers.… Continue Reading